The cuisine of Banat is not famous like that from France, Italy or Spain, but the ingredients  used are equally rich and varied. Try the local Banat specialties. The culinary art of Banat   mirrors all the influences exerted throughout the history of the different peoples who have possessed this land, starting with the Roman, then the Turkish and finally the Austro- Hungarian influence. 

Moreover, Banat cuisine has a special taste: a lot of sweet and a little of salty. It is famous for  its millenary tradition, which means that the secret of the old recipes has been preserved, and   the preparations have always been improved. Specialities of Banat cuisine are mainly: the chicken soup with noodles or dumplings, meatball soup, fish soup, papricas, stuffed cabbage in cabbage leaves or vine leaves with polenta, Banat stew, gaigana/ scrambled eggs with polenta, piglet steak a la Banat, lamb minced dish a la Banat, crumpi in duba (baked potatoes) a la Banat, smoked fish in fir leaves, cheese, apple or pumpkin pie, sweet cheese sauce or cranberry juice, plum dumplings, sponge cake with nuts or poppy, homemade  noodle with milk, rice with milk and cocoa, cheese pancakes with waves of sour cream and  jam, home-made chocolate and eggnog.

You should absolutely taste: the Prigor cheese, the Soceni bread, a glass of Banat slivovitz and a glass of wine from Recaş, Tirol or New Moldova, Timişoreana beer, fig marmalade from Sviniţa or Sicheviţa, wild strawberry, raspberries, blueberries and berries from Semenic, apples and pears from Gugulans and honey.

You should also try: fresh venison from Almaj, roasted ram of piglet fried on a pike above the fire, Banat sheep or goat cheese, from the sheepfolds on the high pastures of the      Mountainous Banat, roasted cheese with red roasted chilli peppers, snail dishes from Moceris, German beef salad, goulash, fish dishes from Old Moldova, pastry with sweet cheese from Cornuţel Banat, dumplings/gnocchi and baked apples.        

All the pieces are accompanied by a good wine for women and Banatslivovitz for men,  served cold or boiled, with pepper and cinnamon. For desert, the housewives prepare three  different kinds of cakes for their family or their guests. On holidays, the cake called  “Budapest” is the most famous cake. The table is decorated with natural fruits and lots of herbs.
Try to drink also a cup of fresh milk and keep in mind the two sayings in Banat: “Sit quietly and eat slowly, only then can you enjoy the good dishes of Banat!” and “No matter how small  the gentleman is, after meals he takes a nap!”