Altitude: 280 m
Population: 21,932 place. (2011)

     Through the “Light Symphony”, the Caransebeş municipality invites you for long walks, whether you are a resident or a rushed passerby. This is the city that has a concert of lights in the night.

The city of Caransebeș is amazing and harmonious by the special architecture of the buildings erected in the time of the Austrian Empire, having the style of the Viennese Baroque and traditional Romanian. If by day the city is animated by a thrilling life, in the evening it shows all its real beauty through a modern building enlightenment concept that invites you to stay on the promenade until midnight. She, the light, lets each building tell us its story through subtle embroidery of the facade, and a savant combination of warm and cold rays immersed in the night.        

The luminous buildings of Caransebeş have this miraculous ability to speak, showing sumptuous or elegant facades, and thus raising a curiosity to identify a special architectural style, a century, a period, a glimpse of life, a history page of a community life. This preserves the identity of the city and the night.       
At the same time, the city also has a mystery note. The “key” buildings, enlightened and tidy, true architectural landmarks, create a subtle magical connection every moment with the one who is looking at them and is admiring them. The connection becomes vivid when a building can offer you an unforgettable moment of life, and a street, in the way it looks, creates you a state of well-being

In the memory of the tourists, included in an ageless splendour, people and facts that have written the history of the city will reappear. Under “Nichita’s Bell” or through the “Sculpture’s eye” realized in marble, the fortress Caransebeș reveales itself to the tourists through some authentic cultural events.       

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