6. Ecotourism is the form of tourism that offers the opportunity to live an experience directly related to a protected space that has preserved the authenticity regarding its natural and cultural qualities. It provides educational information that allows visitors to appreciate the unique qualities of a territory and at the same time it induces a protective and ethical behaviour towards the visitors to this territory. However, ecotourism addresses to a relatively small group of tourists, well educated, responsible, aware and appreciative, and involves certain access routes and means of transport chosen in such a way as to minimize the negative environmental impacts.

 Visitors of all ages are and will always be delighted to discover the secrets of the special natural parks of Mountainous Banat. In the Mountainous Banat there are 5 national parks, of which the Retezat National Park has only a small part on the Banat territory:       

1) The Semenic – Caraş Gorges National Park;  
2) The Nerei – Beusniţa National Park;   
3) The Domogled – Cerna Valley National Park;  
4) The Iron Gates Natural Park; 
5) The Retezat National Park.