Although you will hear that Mountainous Banat is a “mermaid” of the Romanian tourism because “there are no tourists as there is no attractive offer , and there is no attractive offer    as there are no tourists and immediate gain”, for the sake of experience, come to these places full of charm, fascinating views and self – made men. The trip to Mountainous Banat is a return in time. It is a land that has preserved its natural beauty, simplicity and wilderness, and you have to go as far as possible on foot. When you hit the road, you can choose from a variety of mountain hiking trails. The pleasure lies precisely in the fact that you can hike all   day without a target, without having the slightest idea what you are going to see. Breathtaking landscapes, amazing and adventurous excursions. Just be willing to wander, with your eyes open to the unknown and the chance. You should walk on the grass with your bare feet. Feel the cold mountain air taking your breath away. Listen to the voice of the angels in the monasteries wearing a decent outfit: men are not allowed to wear shorts, and women have to cover their heads. Do therapies in nature to relax. Grab the “taste” of adventure and pure  adrenaline by climbing the steep paths on the bike and descent by boat on fast water.