7. Hunting and fishing tourism has an old tradition in Mountainous Banat, being favoured by the existence of a rich hunting fund (bear, wild boar, fox, rabbit, hood, mountain cock, etc.) and an attractive fisheryfund. Forestry districts can organize hunting parties, and the amateur hunters can accommodate in the hunting chaletsfrom the surrounding area.

“In Mountainous Banat, hunting is still practiced in traditional forms, with hunting in freedom, unhindered and assisted in a small extent by the distribution of food by the hunters. The brown (Carpathian) bear, the Carpathian stag, the roe deer, the lynx, the wolf, the boar, the fox, the badger are found in the mountain and hilly areas. As the altitude decreases, rabbits and pheasants appear. The fur predators (the lynx, the wolf and the fox) are accompaniedwith the feathered predators (the eagle, the hawk and the owl) as well by their “victims”, mainly small birds and rodents. In the mountains, mainly towards Bucova, a delight for those who love hunting is the mountain cock. On the Danube Gorge, from Berzasca to Baziaş, on the water and on the ground, ducks and wild goats are hunted during the season. The perfect place is the area around Ostrov Island. The island is full of rabbits, ducks and geese because they are no foxes (the fox does not swim!). Hunting has been enriched lately, but only inthe number of species, not in the number of specimens. The raccoon dogs(wild dogs) suddenly appeared, migrating from the west. They came because we also have a small delta at the spilling of Nera in the Danube, with lakes and reed, full of fish and wild animals. There are even swans, cranes, egrets, snipes and the reed is hiding the boars. You can add to the category “new hunt” the mustangs (wild horses) too. They settled in the Anina-Gârlişte-Ciudanoviţa area, beingaround 50 species last year.

Hunters usually wish to hunt wild boar, raven, and pheasant. If they are athletes (and most are!), they often come back from hunting with mushrooms, berries or rosehips. Or with nothing! Maybe with anecdotes and creative culture legends! The hunting stories are the most beautiful and every hunter is a small Turgenev, Hemingway or Sadoveanu. In Mountainous Banat there are hunters approaching a legend. Some time ago, four avid hunters had the money and the courage to do a bear hunt, somewhere in the Tarcu Mountains, to the Cuntu Peak. They put a half of dead old horse to the bait, they “camouflaged” perfectly and they remained in stakeout, keeping watch in turns. Freezing and starving, they all fell asleep the third night when the bear came, took the horse and thanked them (or told them they were suckers!). They had heard it scurrying in the first two nights, but they did not see it in the third when they were fooled, remaining only with silvotourism! The entiresavoury anecdotal of the hunters, made, told and retold again around the fire, in the rain, through wind or snow, at night, withmosquitoes, in the woods, under the walnuts or under the cherry tree, has a special core, known not only the hunters, but slowly – slowly also bystrangers: in Mountainous Banat it is possible to hunt as it should, as it was done in old times, respecting the hunt and protecting, regardless of species, the female! But huntersconsole themselves with the thought that this positive discrimination isapplied throughout the Universe![Spătaru L., 2012].

After “finding the deer’s trace” in the Mountainous Banat, come to the Danube Gorgefor … FISHING!

Sport fishing is practised on the Danube, from Baziaş to Orşova, along the courses of the Mountain Rivers and the natural and anthropoid lakes of the Mountainous Banat. The common trout lives in freedom in the Mountain Rivers. Chub, barbell, carp and goldfish can be fished in the lakes and rivers, while the avid fishermen dream about catching catfish, perch and pike in the Danube.

“Sports fishing. Passion or waste of time! No. A form of relaxation, an entertainment, a beloved sport, an exercise of patience in a combination of science and luck. Why saying “stretchedwire” in Romanian? Fishermen believe that if you wish them good luck or success you jinx their fishing adventure. The stretched wire (meaning enjoy it, have fun) remains the only good luck wish. Many fishermen are turning their attention to choosing good fishing times after “luring”. Fish are also under the influence of the two stars: the sun and the moon. When the Sun, Moon and Earth are on the same line,the attraction is higher. The phenomenon occurs when there is new moon and also 3 -4 days before the full moon, the days when the fish are catching better. On full moon the best fishing hours are at night, while on new moon during the day. After years of occasional fishing I learned that the success of a day spent on the waterfront is given by everyone’s luck or, in other words, by the event. With or without fish, an outing in nature on the Danube Gorge is not a lost day, but, on the contrary, a true win for the soul. “[Meila M., 2011].