9. Religious tourism aims at pilgrimages and visitingthe monasteries, hermitages, churches and cathedrals from the Mountainous Banat, on the tourist circuit: Teiuș Monastery at Caransebeș, Written Stone Monastery at Armenis, Almăj – Putna Monastery at Putna-Prigor, St. Ana Monastery in Orșova, Mraconia Monastery at Dubova, Gornea-Sicheviţa Monastery, Baziaş Monastery, Nera Monastery at SascaMontană, Mary of the Rock Monastery at CiclovaMontană, Călugăra Monastery at CiclovaMontană, Bocşa Monastery at Bocşa, Brebu Monastery at Soceni, “St. Elijah Hermitage” on Semenic Mountain, “St. Elijah Hermitage” on Little Mountain, The Apple’s Glade  Hermitage, the translated Church in Reșița, the ” Immaculate Conception “ Catholic Church at Orşova, the Episcopal Cathedral at Caransebeş, etc.