4. Rural tourism and agro-tourism can be practiced more in the Mountainous Banat by hosting casual visitors of a village in the boarding houses of agro-tourism or at somebody’s’ home in the “nice room facing the street”. The countryside of Banat constitutes an alternative holiday to daily existence, a holiday motivated by the desire to return to nature, to the old traditions and country rituals. Rural tourism can take many forms, such as agro-tourism, which means staying in the farmhouse – organized more as an agro-touristic boarding house, where it is possible to consume some products from the host’s household and to participate more or less in certain activities specific to seasonal farming. Nowadays, agro-tourism is practiced in the localities: Garana, BrebuNou, Văliug, Marga, Borlova, TurnuRuieni, Dognecea, Caraşova, Dalboşeţ, SascaMontană, Baziaş, Pojejena, Măceşti, Căuniţa-Sicheviţa, Coronini and Berzasca.