5. Speo-tourism is the form of tourism much sought after by the lovers of underground architecture, which shows us the unequalledbrilliance of nature. Calcite icicles were formed in the caves drop by drop, called stalactites, as well as on the towers of the ground, called stalagmites. Underground tourism has the advantage that it does not depend much on the season. Whether it is raining, snowing, cold or warm, the caves of Mountainous Banat await the visitors with the same cool but pleasant temperature, of approximately 8-10 degrees C. This temperature is preserved in: Comarnic Cave, Popovăţ Cave, Thieves’ Cave, Bats’ Cave, Bones Cave, Buhui Cave, Fly Hole Cave, Chindia Cave, Veterani Cave and Ponicova Cave. But it will be much warmer in the thermal caves at Herculane Baths: The Steam Cave and Adam’s Cave.