No matter how beautiful places there are in Mountainous Banat, if they are not known, everything is in vain. That’s why, when you get to the ten Banat towns, try to discover “a symbol, an image, a story” that makes each of the towns more appealing to those who you are going to tell your impressions of what you have seen on your vacation.

Every generation has a new vision, a new look of the past to intuit the future. It is not enough to establish the future only based on what the strangers have been written about the past, because they have been always trying, in every way, to waste us and to raise themselves. The touristic image of Mountainous Banat can be intuited from the visions we propose for each Banat town.

At a time when every tourist wants to discover new natural places and wild landscapes instead of safe and “tested” destinations, come for the sake of experience to the “Multicultural Banat”. Unforgettable holidays of 3-10 days will be organized in 2014-2019, with cultural events throughout the year, in the tourist areas of the Mountainous Banat. Each Banat town has its own specific features and bears the imprint of at least three civilizations: Roman, Turkish and Austrian. In Timişoara, Reşiţa, Caransebeş, Anina, Herculane Baths, Bocşa, Oraviţa, Orşova, Oţelu Roşu and New Moldova you will feel the “pride of the place” with appealing offers and desired tourist routes. By vacations leaps, ” today here- tomorrow there”, in any visited places, you will think that you have gripped all the space, but this grows getting more and more sublime, making you feel a privileged traveller.

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