The trip to the Mountainous Banat assures you peace of mind and joy of life. You will have the desire for new delights. That is why we offer you places and sights near Mountainous Banat making it worthwhile to extend your holiday:        

  1. The Buzias spa resort, in Timiș County, known for its mineral waters very appreciated in cardiovascular diseases;
  2. The Recaş wine cellars, from theTimiș County, for wine tasting produced from the grapes of the famous Banat vineyards, which have been certified since 1447;
  3. The town of Lugoj, from theTimiș county, located 45 km from Caransebeș, on the   European road E70, known especially as a traditional cultural centre grace to the two international festivals: Ana Lugojana International Folklore Festival and Ion Vidu Choir International Festival ; 
  4. UlpiaTraianaSarmizegetusa archaeological complex, in  Hunedoara County, 8 km away     from the Iron Gates of Transylvania, the place where the capital of Dacia was during the     Roman rule;   
  5. The bison’s reservation in the Slivut-Haţeg forest in Hunedoara County, the most    famous reserve of bison in Romania, with an area of ​​40 ha;
  6. The Corvins’ Castle, in Hunedoara County, also called The Hunyad Castle, is the most          interesting medieval fortress in Romania, built in Gothic style with towers, bastions and a         donjon;
  7. The Iron Gates hydropower compound on the Danube in Mehedinţi County, built     between 1964-1971 and inaugurated on May 16, 1972; 
  8. The town of DrobetaTurnu Severin, the capital of Mehedinţi County, where you can see      the traces of “Trajan’s Bridge”, built by Apolodor from Damascus (103-105 AD), from which     the ruins of a bridge’s foot are preserved;       
  9. The “Constantin Brâncuşi” Sculpture Ensemble at Târgu Jiu, in Gorj county, with the         reference works of the great Romanian sculptor: The Silence Table, The Kiss’ Gate and the   Infinite Column;
  10. The town of Vrsać, from the Serbian Banat, 14 km from the Romania-Serbia border.

Knowing that a county is a land stretched over a distance that can be traversed,back and forth, in one day by a cart, we present the map of the 10 touristic circuits in the Mountainous Banat, comprising the Caraş-Severin County and the Orşova area (Annex 5):