Today, some forms of tourism are disappearing, and new ones are taking their place.

In the Mountainous Banat you can practice new forms of tourism developed around the four natural components: the Banat Mountains and Little Mountain, the Danube Gorge, the thermo mineral waters of Herculane Baths and the chain of anthropogenic and natural lakes existent on the rivers crossing all the territory of Banat. The special cultural component of Mountainous Banat can be added to this, focused mainly on the religious, ethnographic, cultural-industrial and museum aspects of it.

The following forms of tourism are suitable with great chance of success for the 5 tourist areas in Mountainous Banat:  

1. The mountain tourism is the main form of tourism in the Mountainous Banat for those who love hiking, seek rest and recreation (detente), prefer fishing and hunting, try mountaineering and especially are passionate about practicing skiing or sports in mountain resorts Semenic and Mount Mic. Mountain tourism can cover several new forms of tourism practicable on the mountain: mountain hiking tourism, leisure and recreation tourism, hunting tourism, climbing (mountaineering), speoturism, cycling and endurance tourism.

2. Spa tourism is the second form of tourism practiced in the Mountainous Banat, which combines relaxation with various forms of cure and treatment. It can be done in the
balnealclimatic resort Herculane Baths due to the multiple qualities of thermal springs, and in Crivaia and Apple Glade climatic resorts under the action of cure factors and a healing microclimate. In these resorts the following can be practiced: mountain hiking tourism, leisure and recreation tourism, mountaineering, speoturism, cycling, meeting tourism, medical tourism and adventure tourism.

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