1. What is the duration of a journey through the Mountainous Banats?

Banat can be reached by plane from any corner of Europe, on the TraianVuia” International Airport in Timişoara, within maximum 3 hours. (Annex 1).     Mountainous Banat has a railway and road infrastructure that allows you to quickly reach by car any corner of the country by crossing the European road E70 (DN 6) from north to south.

On all Banat routes, the duration of a car journey has to be estimated in advance, knowing that usually a mile can be covered in a minute.
If you travel by train, you need to know that there are three types of trains: IC – intercity train,   IR – interregional train, R – regional train. (Annex 2 and Annex 3).         

On foot, the route can be estimated at 2 km per hour on climbing and 4 km per hour on descent, which means an average of 3 km per hour across the route.  

Be careful not to get lost!