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The Bigar Waterfall – the most beautiful waterfall in the world


On the way to Almăj Country, halfway between Anina and Bozovici, you should stop hiking for a moment to “catch your breath” at the most restful place
from Banat: The Parallel 45° with the Bigar spring and waterfall.

You cannot walk or drive past this place situated on the Minis Valley without stopping at km 17 from Anina for a short period of time. The Bigar touristic halt, as it is also called, meets you at the edge of the road, on the right side of the Minis Gorges, where the road encounters the imaginary line of the of Parallel 450 northern latitude.

The inn has a story of “the jeans generation,” from the time when “whatever, it can go so and so” was the motto in Romania. As a fresh graduate from the Forestry Faculty in Brasov, Ilie Simion is sent for his internship years to the Forestry Service from Bozocivi. A first “communist party task” was to design a project for a touristic halt at the Bigar spring. This is how the “monument” on the side of the national road DN 57B was born, which “is begging” today to be restored. On the symbolic indicator, finished by the county’s architects, putting the inscription ” The  Parallel 450  ” on it, the Earth globe  has to reappear with the parallel’s icon, as it was originally made by the builders at the Bituminous Shale Thermal Power Plant from Crivina- Anina, with the restoration of the crossing footbridge across the Minis river.

The unfulfilled dream of the young forest engineer can be achieved through the reconstruction of the two pavilions. One, with tables and benches at the top near the Bigar Brook, the other, a fast-food type gazebo with natural products by the Bigar Waterfall, where crystalline water flows into the Minis River on the limestone tuft. The railing alley between the two towers will be extended with a staircase descending to Minis to “freeze” on film or on a photo the light green scenery in spring, or the rainbow of colours in autumn. In the summer, the coolness of the waterfall splash, and in winter, the iced curtains of ice. Each season gives a unique splendour to a fairy tale landscape. The tourist halt was built by the people of Almăj Country and could be inaugurated only on the “national day” on August 23, 1982. It was a great fast, with the traditional mince meat rolls called “mici” and Ciclova beer from the first brewery in Romania (1718). They invited the Lapusnicul Mare and the Anina Miners’ Brass Bands to play.


 Now you can admire the Bigar Natural Reserve. A spring, a cave, a creek, a waterfall and all placed on the same parallel.

Traveller, you are in the wonderful world of South Banat.
Do not take with you anything else than the images of this world
And leave behind only the traces of your footsteps.

It is a motto that you’ll love as soon as you step the path leading to Bigar, where you get easily after less than 100 m on foot.

The Bigar spring. In Banat, the locals call a spring a place from which water comes out to light from under a rock. The water of the Bigar spring comes out from under the imposing rock of the Gozna Crescent, high of over 50 m, forming a 2m clear water lake and it is so clear that sand spikes and swimming trout can be seen on its bottom. Standing there barefoot and contemplating the place, try to hum the lyrics of the Banat folk song, having an unheard maximum purity:

At the spring below the stone
Where water is the purest,
Among the trout we bathed,
And we dried in the sun.


Laying down the blooming hay 
Wiping the dew from our feet.
Among the flowers we rolled,
Loving each other as we never thought.

A part of the water of this rare pureness spring is captured and directed to the Miniş Trout Farm.

The Bigar cave. Up, near the top of the cliff, lies the entrance hole of the cave with water.

The Bigar Creek. You can admire the splendour of the water flowing on the rock covered in a green and fluffy moss carpet from its very origin. The water is falling, step by step, forming a series of small waterfalls, in which the dark green of the moss merges with the crystalline blue of the water in a flow when smooth, then sparkling.

The Bigar Waterfall. After 200 m from the spring, the water flows into the Minis River from a volcanic tuff with a 7 m fall and forms the Bigar or Coronini waterfall. While resting at the pavilion, you can admire the waterfall for a few minutes. It is a natural phenomenon of rare beauty. On the rock cone wrapped in green moss, water is oozing out like lace and, caressed by the rays of the sun, unexpectedly gives rise to a discreet rainbow on a curtain of water splashes. It seems to be the dress of the mountain’s bride.

The fall of crystalline and pure water aims to make you forget about all the worries and needs that are following you, and all that remains is the sensation of bliss after the effort of hiking.   

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