The SEMENIC touristic area is the “heart” of Banat tourism including the touristic resorts: Semenic, VăliugCrivaia, Trei Ape / Three Waters and Secu.
The two cities in the area, Reşiţa and Bocşa, renowned in the past as important industrial centres on the “Iron Route of Banat” are reborn as future touristic centres.

, the county seat of Caraş-Severin County, is located at the foot of the Mount Semenic, on the middle course of the Bârzava River, at an altitude of 235 m.

The town of Bocşa, 18 km away from Reşiţa – to the northwest, is the place from where trips or tours can be made to Ocna de Fier, Dognecea and Biniş, known in the past for the last pottery craftsman endowed with a particular artistic taste.
The Semenic touristic resort is situated at 1410 m altitude between the peaks of Piatra Goznei (1447), Semenic (1446 m) and Piatra Nedei (1437 m). On Semenic there are 6 ski slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, all equipped with ski lifts. Starting from the “Semenic” ski slope, with a slight degree of difficulty and a length of 350 m, to the “Goznuţa” slope (700 m long), up to the “Fire Tree Cross”(Crucea de Brazi) 1 and 2 (700 m and 530 m long) and the ” Giant Slalom ” slope with a high level of difficulty and a length of 1250 m, tourists have multiple possibilities of choice. For the “Friends of the Mountains” there is the “Special Slalom” slope of 800 m long.
The touristic resort of Văliug-Crivaia stretches along Gozna Lake and on the slope of the mountain, at an altitude of 650 m. On the shore of the lake there are 4 pontoons for beach and swimming with equipment for practicing nautical sports. Recently they inaugurated the “Casa Baraj” / Dam House ski slope, 800 meters long, with snow cannon and night lighting, and the “Semenic-Văliug” slope, 5800 m long, from which one can ski from Semenic to Văliug.
The “Trei Ape / Three Waters” touristic resort lies at an altitude of 850 m, next to the storage lake bearing the same name, where the three waters join together: Semenic, Gradiste and Brebu. They spring from the Mount Semenic – the “Water Castle” of Banat, to form the springs of the Timiş River. The resort is famous for the splendid landscapes offered every season.
The Secu Resort is located 12 km away from Resita, on the shore of Lake Secu. 

Main access ways:

National Road DN 58B: Timişoara – Bocşa – Resita County Road DJ582: Resita – Văliug – Prislop Pass- Semenic

European Road E70 (DN 6): Timişoara – Caransebeş – Slatina Timiş – County Road DJ582: Slatina Timiş -Trei Ape -Gărâna – Prislop Pass – Semenic

County Road DJ 586: Bocsa – Ocna de Fier County Road DJ 586A: Ocna de Fier – Dognecea – Secaseni
In this area, one can visit 10 very special touristic attractions distinguished by their uniqueness:

1. The open-air museum of steam locomotives in Resita (1972), where 16 locomotives are exposed;

2. The Mountainous Banat Museum in Resita;

3. The Constantin Gruescu” Aesthetic Mineralogy of Iron Collection at Ocna de Fier, with over 2000 “mine flowers” gathered from the mines of Banat, such as for instance the “Gruescu” macle – unique in the world;

4. The “Constantin Lucaci” Museum, with the 17 stainless steel sculptures from the “Space and Light” cycle in Bocsa;

5. The kinetic fountain in the centre of Resita, with a special beauty and technical creation, made in 1984 by the famous sculptor Constantin Lucaci, and testimonies of the future museum of the Banat technique and industry: the blast furnace and the Resita cableway;

6. The Orthodox Church – translated from the centre of Resita (1985) – a unique testimony of the Banat’s engineers and technicians for the salvatiom from demolition of the Banat churches;

7. Mount Semenic and the chain of artificial lakes in Bârzava River: Gozna-Crivaia, Breazova-Văliug and Secu. The Three Waters artificial lake , The Vultures Bath crio-nival lake on Mount  Semenic and Water Lilies Lake at Dognecea, each off them offer great opportunities for walkings in the middle of nature, in enchanting places, like in a “corner of heaven”;

8. The “Semenic- Caraş Gorges” National Park, where one can visit the Caras Gorges (19 km) between Comarnic Valley and Caraşova and the Comarnic Cave (6.2 km), one of the largest and most beautiful caves from Banat, famous for the grandeur of stalactite and stalagmite formations;

9. The tourists’ village of Gărâna, a locality known mostly for the “International Jazz Festival”, which takes place every year in July, at the location called “Wolf’s Valley”;

10. St. Elijah Monastery from the Healing Spring – Bocşa Vasiova, “The Veil of the Mother of God” Monastery, located between the localities Brebu and Soceni, as well as the “St. Elijah” Hermitage on Mount Semenic.

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