For accommodation, do not look for a renowned hotel, but for “a second home” conditions that will give you the comfort and safety of your home. In Mountainous Banat there is a whole range of accommodation units: hotels, hostels, motels, tourist lodges, agro tourist hostels, cottages, villas, tourist stops, campsites and rooms for rent. They are presented on web sites, such as for example the of the National Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism Association. (ANTREC).          
The 250 accommodation units in Mountainous Banat offer over 8250 accommodation places,  but care should be taken that these structures are not spread evenly in all the tourist areas. To get to know the countryside more closely and spend a few days in particularly picturesque areas, take an accommodation in Banat guesthouses. You will feel a lot of hospitality and a warm welcome, just like in a house of an inhabitant from Banat. You will be offered a drink from Banat with the wish of “Sanatate / Good health!” You should answer with “Thank you. Good Health to you too!” And you drink it from a sip. (Annex 4).